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Local guitarist Shaun Webb has been busy. After joining local rock band IDLE FRET in 2016 at the ripe age of 17, he has since played with Aussie rock tribute band The Dropbears, rhythm guitar for AC/DC tribute band POWERAGE and most recently GOLIATH, a classic rock tribute band made up of former members from local band LEDD ASPRIN and IDLE FRET. This New Years Eve he will be filling in on lead guitar (and filling the school boy outfit) for one of our countries best AC/DC tribute bands, THUNDERSTRUCK. To celebrate, AWmusic asked Webby the impossible question: What are your 10 favourite AC/DC songs and why?

1. ‘Hell’s Bells’ – Back In Black (1980)

“The eery bell opening with a monster guitar riff. AC/DC was back! Over a minute of anticipation to hear the new singer of AC/DC, it was Brian Johnson who’s voice blew everyone’s mind. Brian didn’t just fill the shoes of Bon Scott, he showed the world how lethal his vocal abilities were.”

2. ‘Money Made’ – Black Ice (2008)

“In my opinion this is AC/DC’s most underrated song. Off one of the latest albums, Black Ice, this is a masterpiece. The opening of the song with a chain gang like chorus and Brian’s bluesy verses. But it’s not until the end of the song where they switch the verse riff over the chorus riff that you see just how clever Angus and Malcolm’s song writing really is.”

3. ‘Guns For Hire’ – Flick Of The Switch (1983)

“The ultimate pump up song. This hits you right from the start. Once again Brian’s smooth and tough lyrics make you feel as though the song is written about yourself. Crank this one before a night out!”

4. ‘Ballbreaker’ – Ballbreaker (1995)

“So much attitude and brute force. AC/DC’s first album with original drummer Phil Rudd after 14 years, the band had their groove back. The song Ballbreaker is no exception. The band sounds like an unstoppable train though, their iconic bluesy-swing is still there. Another one of Angus’s famous key change solos that would make any rock fan bang their head.”

5. ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ – Stiff Upper Lip (2000)

“It doesn’t get much more bluesy than this. A Chuck Berry style riff with an Angus Young twist. Strong bass line, ripping rhythm and swinging drums. This song also shows off Brian’s bluesy range, to die for!”

6. ‘Up To My Neck In You’ – Powerage (1978)

“One of AC/DC’s most straight up rock ‘n’ roll songs. Another piece of Angus’ master work. The solo might be one of his longest but the impressive part is he did the whole thing in one take without any overdubs. What a player!”

7. ‘Play Ball’ – Rock Or Bust (2014)

“How many bands can write a hit like this after over 40 years in the game? Groovy as all hell and makes you wanna party all night. After the Late Malcolm Young we all thought the band would never be the same but I think Stevie fits in pretty well. Great example of a tight rhythm section in this track.”

8. ‘Evil Walks’ – For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (1981)

“Brian’s lyric writing is definitely on display in this song. A song for the blokes; about that crazy woman who tries to turn him into something he’s not. Such a tough sounding track with very groovy elements making for the perfect break up tune.”

9. ‘Shot Down In Flames’ – Highway To Hell (1979)

“We’ve all been there. Classic song about hitting the town looking for a girl but getting constantly rejected. Besides the underlying theme, this song still makes you feel like you can take on the world. “

10. ‘Bad Boy Boogie’ – Let There Be Rock (1977)

“Full on from start to finish, Bon Scott wrote this one about himself. The cheeky sex symbol had all the girls at his fingertips, this song shows off the bands wild side. Lock up your daughters… AC/DC are in town!”

AND here’s Webby in action with IDLE FRET:

Catch Webby this New Years Eve (Tuesday 31st December) at the SS&A Club Albury with Melbourne AC/DC tribute band THUNDERSTRUCK. Free Entry, 9pm – Late, 18+ Event.

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