10 songs with Toby Mobbs

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We asked local singer songwriter Toby Mobbs what 10 songs have tickled his musical taste buds:

1. ‘Painter Song’ – Norah Jones

“Norah has always been a favourite of mine. It’s easy to get lost in her storytelling.”

2. ‘Bring It On Home To Me’ – Sam Cooke

“Sam Cooke is one of the all-time greatest singers and added to the soundtrack of a generation during the fight for civil rights in America.”

3. ‘Jurassic Park Main Theme’ – John Williams

“I’ve always loved film, and watching Jurassic Park is one of my earliest memories. The music score has stuck with me ever since. Williams and Spielberg, does it get any better? Equal notable mention to Willian’s score for ‘Hook’ and Alan Silvestri’s ‘Back To The Future’ score.”

4. ‘Shiver’ – Coldplay

“While I don’t listen to much of their later work, Coldplay was one of my earliest musical influences. Parachutes is an amazingly crafted album.”

5. ‘Be Mine’ – Alabama Shakes

“Raw and honest. Love them.”

6. ‘Dancing In The Dark’ – Bruce Springsteen

“If this doesn’t get you dancing like Courteney Cox then I can’t help you.”

7. ‘Will 2K’ – Will Smith

“Ok hear me out. Do you remember the first album you ever had? Mine was Will Smith’s ‘Willennium’ on cassette tape and I love it. I’m a fan of old-school hip-hop rap, and Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff paved the way for many artists we have today.”

8. ‘Poison Drum’ – Gang Of Youths

“My favourite band. Simply amazing. First time I heard this song I was in awe. I wouldn’t be the same musician today without them.”

9. ‘People Everyday’ – Arrested Development

“This is my favourite song and makes me smile no matter what mood I’m in. You might know it from an old Australia Post ad. “

10. ‘Finish Line / Drown’ – Chance The Rapper

“Chance has this amazing ability to mix hip-hop, rap, and gospel and weave it into an amazing tapestry of music that builds you up and keeps you there.”

AND Here’s the Toby’s very own tune: “Over & Out”

Toby is currently on tour, check out the dates below and make sure you catch one of his shows. If you want your song featured for TUNES-DAY get in contact with us here.

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