Gig Review: ILLY

Illy leapt onto stage, blasting the crowd away with his humble & charismatic performance. Illy has been going hard for the past 10 years, and still managed to impress & exceed everyone's expectations.

By The Banks Music Festival

To celebrate Albury's first independent music festival, we thought it might be handy to show y'all who will be grooving down by the banks. 1 day, 2 stages and 15 acts - if you haven't grabbed your tix yet, you better go stare into a mirror and have a long, hard think about priorities.


How did Chuggwagon come to be? Sam Hill and I (Shannon) were between bands at the time and saw our mates Beggarman playing at the Albion. Idle played that gig too! We are both metal guys and were inspired by the band to start something. Something with a heavy southern groove. We started to write a... Continue Reading →

The Great Albury Rock Takeover

Border rock fans rejoice!  In case you missed the news, one of Albury's biggest rock shows to date is happening Friday, 17th of March at the Albion Hotel. While drinking shitty Irish mud beer at a certain Former-Irish-Bar seems like the thing to do around here on St Patricks Day, allow me to give you 3 reasons why YOU should... Continue Reading →

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