TUNES-DAY: ELK “Drive You Home”.

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For today’s Tune, we asked local band, ELK, to fill us in on the story behind his song “Drive You Home”. Check it, blast it and share it:

So basically Nick wrote this song in the medical centre of an American summer camp with a broken leg. In between binging Stranger Things and doing the odd shift in Camp Saginaw’s office Nick forced himself to write at least a song a day and in doing that wrote over 30 songs, of which about 5 were considered “okay”. The song is basically about what you’d say to someone when you see them going off with a person who’s a bit of a sleeze and you think “well like even I’m better than them”.

ELK performing their new song ‘PARIS’ live. Video filmed by Aidan Makes, Harrison Slattery and Isabelle Whito. The video can be watched here

He sent a voice memo of the song to the band and they didn’t hate it. Then he sent the same one to his girlfriend and she said “I don’t really like this one”. After a bit of convincing/begging from Nick’s end we had this song recorded by our friend Daniel Lawrence and chucked it up on Unearthed for your listening pleasure.

ELK are launching their EP “Eyes On The Road” at the Albion on the 31st of May, with supports from Matt Ortiz, Chelsea Knight and Lauren Eddy it’s sure to be one heck of a night. Album artwork designed by Brody Keen / Poster artwork designed by Ryan Nicholson.

If you want your song featured for TUNES-DAY get in contact with us here.

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