AWmusic Spotlight: Snug Pugs

Who are you? where y’all from? and what’s your deal? We’re Snug Pugs we’re a full blow punk show and we’re around to rock ya socks off

How long have you been playing together? Starting playing together in 2017 as a just mates we’re we just played blink 182 and dune rats cover then formed a band and wrote some originals

Who plays what instrument?
Kodie Keighran – Drums, (most) Vocals
Felix Hunter- guitar, vocals (other main)
Mackenzie- bass, backup (couple of songs too!)

How did Snug Pugs come to be? What made you guys wanna get up on stage? Well snug pugs came to be because Cheshire our first name was taken so we made snug pugs based off other band names with rhyming stuff.

Describe your sound? Punk, alternative, rock

Snug Pugs “It’s Summer”

When penning tunes what comes first, the music or the lyrics?
Music most of the time but sometimes a chorus maybe or a lyric idea.
Take us through the recording process for your debut album ‘Thursday’s’: Well the recording of Thursday’s has been a very long process, we recorded, mixed and mastered it all from the “homemase” from recording all the guitar for the song to deleting them when Felix got a new amp and apart from that it’s been smooth we were just a bit lazy, it’s taken a year and bit.

What bands have had an influence on your sound? Any favourite local bands? Many and any influences but violent soho, dune rats, skeggs but any Aussie band and any music ever

What can punters expect to experience at your Album Launch Party ?
Some honestly never before seen stuff at local gig and we don’t won’t to give it away but you’re just gonna have to come to see, ya don’t wanna miss it!

What’s next? Gigs in the cities and other towns and even get on to a tour within the year

You can catch Snug Pugs TONIGHT (Friday March 29) at The Albion Hotel, Albury. They’ll be jamming alongside local bands Pablo Pace, Dungeon Dwellers and Lauren Eddy: Doors 7:30pm, FREE ENTRY, strictly 18+ show.

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