TUNES-DAY: POZER “Second Hand”.

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For today’s Tune, we asked Wodonga punk rockers, POZER, to fill us in on the story behind Their song “Second Hand”. Check it, blast it and share it:

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‘Second Hand is the cheap good that reflects the urge of buying the cheap rusted vintage goods that people dress themselves in to show off a certain side of their personality. Though this being shamed upon due to not wearing modern fashion and being disclaimed for efforts in ones self. Following old fashion trends from different times, being accused of copyright in this sense, is a social error to come across to your fello-Perez, if one wants to dress as an outrages glamma queen then damn that would be a fine choice. Being proud of an old ragged things is something I feel we all can relate to, even if it is a pair of lucky underwear, there is always gonna be an old, out of date piece of junk you hold close to your heart and this song really just is a somewhat love song to those pieces of junk.

Second Hand is an op shop song that when writing I was surrounded by a bunch of shit op shop finds that I knew were shit but finding to enjoy the two sides of whether these objects could’ve been through interesting dramatic pasts or straight collecting dust. Though getting something brand new, you know it came straight from the factory. Curiosity is definitely a theme in this track, the temptation of being a part of the historical piece of beauty or just enjoying old tinky shit. The temptation… Buying shit we don’t need but hey… shit looks cool

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