TUNES-DAY: The Desert Sea “How To Bleed”.

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For today’s Tune, we asked Sydney band, The Desert Sea, to fill us in on the story behind Their song “How To Bleed”. Check it, blast it and share it:


‘The song started as a riff that our bass player Andy wrote about a year ago and we used to just jam it at rehearsals. Over and over. The melody just came to me in one of those jam sessions but it probably wasn’t for another 6 months or so that I started piecing together the structure and lyrics.

The lyrical content is probably just a reflection of my feelings at the time but not in a doom and gloom kind of way, but in more of a thought process that there are a lot of cool things happening around us, with people we know, musicians and bands we work with. There are splashes of creative flair and moments of brilliance they just lay a little dormant and begging for that spark to get them flying!

There’s a desire to reignite that within yourself and then in others as well but ultimately How To Bleed is about questioning your ability to do so.”

Catch The Desert Sea live at the Albion Hotel, Albury, Thursday November 8. Local Support from Froffwits, Pablo Pace and ELK. More Info below. If you want your song featured for TUNES-DAY get in contact with us here.

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