TUNES-DAY: DIEFM “A Friend In The Crosshairs”.

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For today’s Tune, we asked local band, DIEFM, to fill us in on the story behind Their song “A Friend In The Crosshairs”. Check it, blast it and share it:

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“I started writing DIEFM songs in my bedroom by myself about 2 years ago and never thought anyone would hear them other than myself, the best writing days were and still are my lowest days when I am either exhausted or at the end of my teather with something or someone.

I remember writing the lyrics for this song on my old acoustic guitar, I was just really feeling the blues so to speak and thinking about friendships lost or just forgotten, about the ones you just can’t maintain because of some stupid argument, distance or just neglect, also the very short time we have on this planet to make any impact or do anything, this is what came out. Daniel Whitehead sent me the guitars for this track so I had a fair idea what the vocal phrasing was going to be like, but it all came together in a jam with the whole band which included myself, Whitey, Christopher Stroh, Matt Tooley and Luke Drage. We sat down and recorded A Friend In the Crosshairs in one session.

We went down and recorded the track with David Wilson in Wagga Wagga.

We had our first (and only) Triple J air play on ‘Short, Fast, Loud’ in 2017, and that was an out of body experience for me and the boys.

Now we have almost a completely new lineup Christopher Stroh (drums) Ben Nitschke (guitars), Nathan Miles (Bass) and Jack Roughley (Guitars) not too forget our bro Sean Wilson who is filling on drums for our next show this weekend Nov 3rd at The Musicman Megastore Bendigo. We are recording our first EP together for release mid 2019.”

If you want your song featured for TUNES-DAY get in contact with us here. 

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