TUNES-DAY: Pablo Pace “Aurora”.

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For today’s Tune, we asked Albury band, Pablo Pace, to fill us in on the story behind Their tune “Aurora”. Check it, blast it and share it:

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Ciqala was feeling melodic one afternoon and came up with a catchy riff. He showed the rest of the band members and they fell in love with it. “This has gotta turn into a song”. so the next band practice they had, they worked on developing the song, although it was in a higher key than they wanted the vocal line. so they took the riff and made it a few tones lower in pitch. this worked well, but now they had to come up with lyrics.Zali was sitting in hospitality class twiddling her thumbs and humming the melody from the night before. she had a wave of creativity and wrote the lyrics in class. that lunchtime Zali showed Oscar the lyrics and they worked on making a vocal line. then that night at band practice they all shared their ideas, and luckily enough Alex had created a drumbeat while he was in cafs. then they made the song by recording it in their lounge room.they had one room mic which they took turns playing their instruments through before Ciqala used his sound engineering skills to mix the song. They named it Aurora.

If you want your song featured for TUNES-DAY get in contact with us here.  Catch Pablo Pace live & Free SUNDAY the 9th of December as they support local band BROKEN ENGLISH and Melbourne rockers MASSIVE at the SS&A Albury:

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