TUNES-DAY: Tash Fenton “Bittersweet”

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For today’s Tune, we asked Albury based singer-songwriter, Tash Fenton, to fill us in on the story behind her tune “Bittersweet”. Check it, blast it and share it:

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“I guess you could say Bittersweet is a song that is loosely based on real events, fully based on real emotions. When I write songs there is always some truth, but a lot of the time the story is dramatised because… well I’m dramatic. For me the song is about recognising that a person is bad for you but loving them anyway, or feeling stuck in a toxic relationship because you’re scared to be alone. The really awesome thing about music is that people can bring their own context to a song like Bittersweet and find their own meaning.
What is really interesting about the song, is that I wrote the first part when I was still in a (kinda rocky) relationship and got writers block because didn’t see a resolution to the the concept or lyrics. I pretty much discarded the thought of coming back to it. About a month later, me and my (newly-single) self finished Bittersweet and went on to write (many) more soppy breakup songs. 
Musically it’s pretty simple, I like to keep the focus upon the lyrics and vocals. I will never admit to being a world-class keyboard player, but what I can play suits my needs. The recording took place in David Wilson’s Wagga Wagga studio mid this year and it was super exciting and a bit intimidating. I ended up having two tracks (Bittersweet & Watch Me Walk) that I could share with my friends and family, and more recently the local community.

I think the whole experience of writing and sharing this song was scary yet so rewarding because it meant that I had to be willing to share my inner feelings and thoughts with people through my music. It meant I had to be vulnerable to criticism about not only my singing or the music, but to the lyrics and meaning. Everyone has been super supportive of Bittersweet and people seemed to have enjoyed it (so they say). I’m looking to record an EP early 2019 (exclusive info right here folks) so keep your ears and eyes peeled people! And also check out Bittersweet on Triple J Unearthed!”

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