TUNES-DAY: Snug Pugs “F#ck Yeah”

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For today’s Tune, we asked Albury/Wodonga rock act Snug Pugs to fill us in on the story behind their tune “Fuck Yeah”. Check it, blast it and share it:

“This song started during a music lesson at school where Mack had come up with a riff that sounded pretty sick so he showed it to Felix. The only idea for lyrics they came up with was screaming “fuck yeah” at the end of the riff, and then maybe changing it to something else. So naturally it was titled Fuck Yeah until we wrote lyrics and found a different name.

The song was then shown to Kodie that afternoon in the studio and we came up with more riffs to finish the song. After about a week Kodie had written lyrics to the tune. The lyrics are about fake friends, shit blokes and anyone in between. We recorded a few demo’s of the song and we all learned it and jammed it over a about a month or so.

Finally we were ready to release a finished recording of the song. By this point we had already released a demo of our song sombre sadness but this was going to be our first single. The song was very accepted and appreciated by our friends and small group of fans. It’s a great song to play live and everyone always yells fuck yeah with us.

We always said we wanted to be a Christian rock band, but i guess that’s out the window cause this is a fuckin mad tune.”

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