AWmusic Spotlight: Latham’s Grip

Who are you? where y’all from? and what’s your deal? We are Latham’s Grip – originally based around a town called Nowra on the NSW South Coast, but have spread ourselves between Bateman’s Bay to Sydney over the years. We’re just lovers of music. Composing, recording, performing and we fair enjoy each other’s company too, which is helpful.

How long have you been playing together? The band has been around since about 2012, but gone through a few line-up changes over time. Our drummer Matt joined the band about 3 years ago, and our guitarist Rudd joined about 2 years ago. The rest of us are OGs.

Who plays what instrument? We’ve got Jesse on the vocals, Leland and Rudd both on guitars and backing vocals, Matt on the drums (no singing, no matter how enthusiastic about it he may be). Our regular bassist has unfortunately been unable to make most of the tour, so we’ve had a bit of a shuffle – popped Rudd on bass, and got our mate Sam in that guitar role.

How did LG come to be?What made you guys wanna get up on stage? Just got together over time, we all kinda knew we wanted to play music together, and just waited for the ideal lineup to get off the ground honestly. The main driver for us performing is that it is the most direct method for spreading the music we’ve created, which is a big goal for us.

Where’d the band name come from? Where does any good band name come from, but a political handshake from like, 2004 or something?

When penning down tunes, what comes first, the music or the lyrics? Hard to say, it seems like it happens both ways. Although I suppose one of our most common situations, is having a plethora of lyrics already written, develop some stuff we like instrumentally, then see what lyrics suit the rhythm, the melody, rhyming pattern, the vibe. Also ENDLESS tweaking of everything along the way.

Thoughts on the Australian music industry? Anything you would like to see changed? Well, its largely thriving at the moment, so ‘first do no harm’ I guess. But I would definitely call for more smaller scale venues in Sydney, and for them to be less bound by noise restrictions.

What kind of music do you guys listen to? We’re quite eclectic when it comes to that. Between us, we listen to all manner of stuff, from pop, various kinds of metal, a bit of funk, a fair bit of ‘indy’ stuff and a whole lot of Florida Georgia Line.

What can punters expect from LG? We’ll deliver some loud, energetic tunes, minus the ego.

Whats next for you lads? Well, we just got out of the studio last month and got about 4 and a half songs pretty well down. Gotta track a little more, mix, master, yadda yadda, but we’re hoping for a release of sorts by the end of the year. Forever forward!

You can catch LATHAM’S GRIP this Friday the 6th of May at St Ives Hotel, Wodonga. They’ll be jamming along side local bands POZER, Yello Polo and South Coast rockers Quite Like Pete. Doors 8:30pm, $5 entry, strictly 18+ show.


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