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Horns Of Pan opened the night at the Albion Hotel, on a cold Friday evening. He had one guitar and a few pedals, but that was all he needed. HOP warmed the crowd with his cover of “The River” by Puscifier, it was intriguing and interesting. Looping guitars over vocals over more vocals. Keeping in time must have been an absolute task but, HOP made it look and sound effortless with every song in the set. He won over more than a few new fans.


Next up, with a change of pace, was the new blood Hara Kiri. Their lead vocalist Ralph was the perfect front man to pull the crowd up to the front and inspire some involvement in the nights gig. They played a good set with a solid rhythm section. The Hara Kiri guys are getting better every show.


It was a good night for local lads Believers In Fiction, having 4 vocalists in a band is a tough job at the best of times, but they pulled it off with lots of friends up the front showing their support. Tight vocal performance by their lead Vocalist Shane Saltmarsh, and 2 great guitarists busting out some tasty chops. They put in a huge effort, cannot wait to get my hands on a Believers In Fiction EP.


Not only are Canberra Lads HighView some of the nicest guys in the scene, but they are as professional and as well practiced as they come. They had one of the best crowd reactions of the night. Their progressive heavy rock style fit perfectly in the night, between the crushing rhythm section and huge vocal performance it was a great show. We will see these songs played live here again soon their EP take your time is available on all good music streaming platforms go check it out!


The crowd was ready to go nuts after such a great selection of bands, thus the chanting began for the Visioner boys to get cracking, and did they ever. Watching Visioner go nuts and have a really good time was the highlight of the night. The crowd sang along to tracks from their EP Adversity as the boys finished the night with one of their best sets to date.



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