AWmusic Spotlight: YELLO POLLO

Who are you? where y’all from? and what’s your deal?  We are Yello Polo, a band of boys from Albury.

How long have you been playing together? We’ve been in the band together for almost a year (since the end of 2016).

Who plays what instrument? We got our front boy Benny (Spannari) on rhythm guitar, Lock on lead guitar and sometimes backup singing, Boston (Austin) on bass, and Harry plays the drums.


How did YELLO POLO come to be? What made you guys wanna get up on stage? We all met each other through high school and Lock and Benny decided to form a band but needed people for other instruments so we got Locky’s brother Harrison and long time friend Boston. The boys and the band are all about gettin rowdy and creative and we all just wanted to do something with our lives musically.

You have gone through a few band names now, what made you settle on Yello Polo? Wots dah meaning? So we started as ‘Jumbo Shrimp’, then when we discovered a Florida band with a similar name we decided something a lil’ more original was required. We went through another few names that never stuck and aren’t even worth remembering, and eventually we came to Yello Polo for no particular reason. There is no meaning.


Describe your sound for people who are too lazy to listen to your music online? Our sound can be described as psychedelic-surf-punk-rock. And that’s about it.
(CLICK HERE and listen to Yello Polo’s tune ‘Pocket Pain’)

What band’s do you guys listen to? Any favourite local bands? Each members musical tastes are sparsely divided, but we manage to work in elements of each of our tastes. Benny’s taste spans between the likes of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, King Krule and Surf Curse. Locky’s interests include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Sticky Fingers. Harry enjoys and is inspired by the like of Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and Tyler the Creator. And Boston can only name Gotye for his interests but he is not at all picky.

Our favourite local bands include Squid Doctors, ELK and Pilot Lights, some members of which we call friends.


Thoughts on Albury / Wodonga’s music scene? It’s certainly becoming more relevant and loud, we think this is due to radio exposure and certain organisations like Retro that help us and others get our stuff out there.

What can punters expect if they were to attend a Yello Polo show? We tend to play high energy music that excites, we don’t play too heavy and we don’t play too soft.

Nachos or tacos? We all agree, after long, careful deliberation, Tacos are the superior Mexican cuisine. HOWEVER! Nachos go alright.

What’s next for Yello Polo? We’re currently working on releasing an EP of our own and some other side projects, i.e. music vids, merch, and more upcoming gigs.

CATCH Yello Polo at ELGINS HOTEL Wodonga, Thursday November 9th along with local bands POZER + The Frothwits (8PM START / More info below)





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