Who are you? where y’all from? and what’s your deal?
POZER Consists of Harrison Potter, Izaak Day, Tom Hanuska and Declan Rafferty. We Are a Alternative rock band from the land of the dong (Wodonga) looking to have a fun time and express ourselves through our music but mostly to give people something to boogie too.

How long have you been playing together?
We’ve been together for about just over a year now. POZER has worked hard on writing original material and playing gigs in Albury, Wodonga, Yackandandah and surrounding areas.

Who plays what?
Tom Hanuska on lead vocals and Rhythm guitar, Izaak Day on Backing Vocals and Lead Guitar, Declan Rafferty on Bass Guitar and, Harrison Potter on Drums.


How did POZER come to be? What made you guys wanna get up on stage?
POZER originated from the crash of a previous school band “Running With Scissors” and as Declan Rafferty was floating through musical limbo he was graced into our recreating band. During brainstorming for names Declan Thought we should be called POZER because we are pretending to be professional musicians, and so the name was set, POZER!

Describe your sound..
We are a Alternative Rock band establishing The heavy Violent Soho bashy sound but also dishing out some Radiohead and Smith Street smoothness and the Dune Rats groovy dancing beats. POZER’s songs are songs that will get your feet tapping and head bopping.

When penning down tunes, what comes first, the music or the lyrics?
When it comes down to it, the music is what makes our songs, we drive our lyrics around the sound of our music. Writing lyrics first would put too much pressure on the singer and in POZER we work as a team to make the song writing easier and it allows us to all put our individual spin on the tune.


Where was your first gig? how did it go down?
Our first gig was a Wodonga Battle of the Bands held at the Cube. We were playing only covers and we played a very mediocre set. We even had to source our equipment from other people. We were scared shitless to play in front of a live audience but felt a rush with interacting with the crowd. That night we won the people’s choice award which gave us the confidence and that has lead us to what we are today.

Favourite bands? Any favourite local bands?
We quite enjoy a lot of Australian bands like Violent Soho, The Smith Street Band and Dz Death Rays etc and our favourite local band would definitely be “Squid Doctors” they always create a great atmosphere and just great fellas.

Thoughts on Albury / Wodonga’s music scene?
The Albury/ Wodonga music scene has changed a lot within recent times, a lot more younger indie bands have reared their head through the Retro Youth Cafe gigs which is awesome and makes it easier for starting musicians and bands to get started.

Capture 2

What can punters expect if they were to attend a POZER show?
If you attend a POZER show you should expect nothing but a fantastic time to remember. We thrive on crowd interaction and invite everyone to get up and dance and bop along with us during our gigs.

What’s next for POZER?
The next chapter for POZER is to continue to play at gigs, write some new songs and prepare for our the launch of our Debut EP “Mums Favourites”

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