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“Albury, you were the first show to sell out on our tour, and we can see why!”

The Sydney based trio are halfway through their “Off the Grid Tour”, a jam-packed 29 show run across the country, featuring the company of Melbourne MC Dylan Joel.

A packed Auditorium waited eagerly for one of, if not, Australia’s greatest hip hop act Bliss n Eso. The anticipation was strenuous, but beyond worth it. Not often does such an acclaimed act come to the border; Hilltop hoods / Thundamentals graced the Kinross with their fiery show almost 2 years ago, so hip-hop fans have been waiting.


It’s not surprise this show sold out as quick as it did, and the night brought with it a concrete connection between the acts and crowd in the intimate setting of the SS&A. MC Dylan Joel brought his swing the show, pumping up the crowd with his charismatic lyrics and swagger on stage. Such a solid act out of Melbourne, and never fails to impress when performing live. His rendition of “You got a friend in me” from Toy Story is a definite crowd-favourite.

Bliss N Eso exploded on stage to deliver a pounding 2-hour set. Filled with old songs and new songs, fans of all albums would have left this set pleading for more. Lighters were thrown up in the air for the more intimate songs, such as “Reflections” (which brought Dylan Joel back out on stage). DJ izm & drummer Dan Kerby spun the decks for a great intermission, delivering some serious skills on the decks. Hands were thrown up and the crowd was pulsating for the whole set, some serious energy was brought to the SS&A.



Both Bliss & Eso, as well as DJ Izm & the whole backlog of backup singers, drummers and keyboardists put together a show that did not fail to deliver the hype.  Albury was left with a memory that hip hop fans will remember for years.


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  1. Bliss and eso have been to albury numerous times before. As too many hiphop acts including hilltop hoods. So ssa club are not the first to do a sold out show.


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