The Great Albury Rock Takeover

Border rock fans rejoice!  In case you missed the news, one of Albury’s biggest rock shows to date is happening Friday, 17th of March at the Albion Hotel. While drinking shitty Irish mud beer at a certain Former-Irish-Bar seems like the thing to do around here on St Patricks Day, allow me to give you 3 reasons why YOU should be head banging at The Albion all night long.

1) The poster has a giant zombie koala climbing Albury’s famous monument. Epic.
3) We as a music scene have an obligation to give these outside bands one hell of a night. right?
2) Local rock heavy weights IDLE FRET and MIDNIGHT ALIBI (whom just signed a record deal with Possum/ Universal Records) are joining forces with Melbourne rockers The Crookeds, The Velvet Addiction (MELB) and all the way from The United States of America Crystal Ignite. Thats a killer lineup. Check out what these bands have to offer below:



After boozing the night away at a local Melbourne bar, the four musicians came together after bonding over their tragic pasts including broken homes and family violence. As a result The Velvet Addiction was born, and they have dedicated themselves to producing positive rock’n’roll to support fellow victims impacted by mental health. “Take Me Back is about trying to find that feeling you get when you first start a relationship, the feeling when that person is the only thing you want or need to make you feel whole or happy,” said vocalist Stefan West:



IDLE FRET – 9:00pm

Albury/Wodonga’s Idle Fret are in the business of making explosive, no-bullshit rock’n’roll, as spelled out in black and white on their knockout debut album, ‘Reborn’. Ticking all the right boxes – great band, great singer, great songs – ‘Reborn’ perfectly captures everything high-octane rock fans live for… the must-have blend of thundering drums, wall of guitar and soaring, melt-your-face-off vocals that make up one of the most enduring and exciting genres of music. Forming in 2011, Idle Fret are one of the hardest working bands in the region. If you love your rock hard & loud, these guys are for you. Idle Fret live for the ups & downs of the rock n roll lifestyle:



Hailing from Albury / Wodonga. Midnight Alibi are a 4 piece Australian rock band who have just released the Love Yourself Sick EP, toured the country and brought back something real and honest to their style of music. No imitations, No restrictions… They’re here to stay. The band formed in Albury in 2012 and since then the band has relentlessly toured the country playing in any and every pub they can get their gear into. Check out Midnight Alibi’s new single ‘Ego Tripper’ below. These fellas have proven countess times that they are a force to be reckoned with, not to be missed:



Bellusira was an Australian band that got a loyal following down under before taking the plunge and traveling to the US.  As is the case with a lot of bands, the internal mechanisms stopped working and people parted ways.  Having tasted a small bit of success and then being plunged back to square one would be enough to turn most people away from music all together. The energetic vocalist of Bellusira, Crystal Ignite, has a much different plan. She’s regrouped and has begun working on new material.

ALBURY, DO NOT MISS THIS BAND! Below is Crystal’s former band Bellusira:


THE CROOKEDS – 12:00am

If you’re into “A hella good time… groovy reggae vibe to an all out dirty rock and roll tune.” Then this 4 piece rock band from the southeast side of Melbourne is the band for you. Check out their new single ‘LOVE’ below and be sure to keep an eye on these guys. Make sure to stick for The Crookeds ladies and rockers, it’s a decent trip from Melbourne – show these guys why they should return to the border:


The Great Albury Rock N Roll Takeover – Friday, 17th March – The Albion Hotel. This is an 18+ Show, $10.00 Entry at the door. Doors open at 7:30pm with the night kicking off at 8:00pm. For More info click the poster below.

KOALA KONG smaller Photo




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