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How did The Crookeds come to be? Sonny, the vocalist started writing songs on his acoustic in early 2014 and making some demo’s by himself on his shitty mac that we still use to this day. He decided to get some friends together and they found Tully the drummer and Rick the bass player. Rick and Sonny we’re best friends all through school but Tully joined the picture once the band started.

Who makes up The Crookeds and where y’all from? Sonny, Rick, Tully and Jake. From the Southeast of Melbourne.

Who plays what? Sonny’s the vocalist and guitarist, Ricks the bass player, Tullys the drummer and Jakes the Lead Guitarist.

Above / Main photos: Liz Lane 

You just unleashed your new single ‘LOVE’ upon the world, how does it feel to have it out and about? It feels amazing. It’s awesome to know that all the hard work that we all put in is sort of being appreciated through people’s ear canals.

When writing what comes first? The music or the lyrics? Most the time it’s the music, but there have been a few times where I literally write a whole song chunk by chunk. One little guitar but, lay down the bass, program the drums, sing a little vocal line and then move on and see where the song goes.

Where and how did you record? We record the track at Debasement studios by a man named Dan Murtagh. The Wizard. We kept it pretty simple. used all our own musical equipment and laid it all down pretty quick.


What’s the meaning behind your band name? Hmm… Good question. I guess it’s because it defines us all pretty well. We’re all a little bent.

What is the underlining inspiration for your music? How do you get your best idea? It definitely comes down to personal experiences. Doing something different in your life or going somewhere. Making an adventure out of nothing really creates an inspiration to write some awesome music.

Do you ever listen to your own music? Yeah, it’s a little self-absorbing to say, but you sort of have to. When it comes to hearing if a track you just recorded has any mistakes or anything you gotta listen to that bad boy too many times.

What bands (if any) did your members play in before joining The Crookeds? Rick and Jake played in a heavy metal band called AYVA and Sonny used to play in The Cherry Dolls way back.

Are you blasting any un-known talent on your headphones that the world should know about Yeah everyone should listen to Neon Queen. Your life will change. Trust a g.


What (other) music do you listen to? 
I listen to a super broad spectrum of music. I mainly listen to heavy metal but I’ll sing along to some Michael Bublè on the way to band practice to warm up my vocals.

What has been the biggest highlight so far for The Crookeds? Releasing our first CD was a super awesome moment for us. Took too long.

What can Albury/Wodonga punters expect from your live show? A hella good time. Going from a groovy reggae vibe to an all out dirty rock and roll tune

So, what’s next for The Crookeds? Record more music! Play more shows and hopefully tour Australia as soon as possible.

You can catch The Crookeds live at the Albion Hotel, Albury – Friday the 17th of March with Midnight Alibi, Idle Fret, Crystal Ignite (USA) and Velvet Addiction (MELB). For More info click the poster below.

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