AWmusic Spotlight: Midnight Alibi

How did Midnight Alibi come to be? 4 guys that got together in a garage and jammed it out and kept whipping that milk until we made butter.We are an all male band

Who makes up Midnight Alibi and where y’all from?
Albury / Wodonga
Who plays what?
– Jake Collins: Guitar
– Dan Klappert: Bass
– Jamie Stacey: Drums
– James Oswald: vocals

You guys have a fair few EPs under your belt. How does it feel to have you music out there for the world to hear? To begin with it starts with us having our music recorded and being proud of the art we make, we hope people enjoy the finished product

When writing what comes first? The music or the lyrics? There’s no real rule there for this one with us, we can start a song from a vocal melody and build the song around that or just improvise in a rehearsal. Sometimes the really good stuff comes out of nowhere. It’s not something that can be forced too much.

Where and how did you record your music thus far? We recorded at Light Hill studios just out of Melbourne, all our recordings have been done digitally.

What’s the meaning behind the band name? We see it in the way that some people need an excuse to get out and have a good time and that’s what the name stands for we are your excuse to have a great night and listen to some Rock n Roll. We’re your Alibi!


What is the underlining inspiration for your music? How do you get your best ideas for songs? The songs come from personal life experiences whether it’s something that directly affects us or it could be from a more global point of view that we feel connected to. You have to believe in what you’re singing about and playing. The audience aren’t dumb, they will pick up on it if they feel they’re being lied to so we always try to keep things as honest as we can.

Rock n Roll seems to be THAT genre constantly at war and fighting to stay alive. What gives Midnight Alibi the drive to keep rocking? Yeah at the end of the day the music business is all but dead unless you are one of the lucky few that had a career when albums still sold enough. The great thing about it though is everyone in the underground is doing it because they love it with no unrealistic notions. For us album sales doesn’t dictate our success as a band. The musical integrity is there and that’s what really matters and keeps pushing us.

Do you ever listen to your own music? Sure! It’s great to have our own music from that particular time in our lives where we can look back it and ultimately understand where we were then and where we are now. It’s about evolving our art to the best standard we can.

What bands (if any) did your members play in before joining The Midnight Alibi? We all had other groups here and there which helped shape us into the musicians we are today


What’s your view on Albury / Wodonga’s music scene? I think it’s a pretty healthy scene if that’s what you want to call it. It’s great that every week we have artists hitting the stage somewhere in town and inspiring people to get into their music or to pick up an instrument and start their own bands.

What local bands do you enjoy watching live / blasting on your headphones? No one band in particular we always enjoy playing with other local bands and hearing them grow overtime.

What (other) music do you listen to? The great thing about modern day technology is you can get your ears around any kind of music thanks to YouTube. We all listen to quite a number of genres from blues legends like Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters to the good vibrations of The Beach Boys, Clutch, Stone Temple Pilots and INXS. Just like Tower Records motto “No Music, No Life”
What has been the biggest highlight so far for Midnight Alibi?  We got played on about 160 radio stations across Australia last year with our single “Down The River” when we first started out I don’t think we ever thought we would make it on to Radio like we did with that song. We felt very privileged and humbled by their support for us.





What can punters expect if they were to attend a Midnight Alibi show? Oh we don’t want to give too much away! We hope you’ve been intrigued by this interview enough to go check out our music then if you like that you will have to hear it turned into a different animal live.

Do you have any dirty secrets to share? See if you can notice what vegetables we put down the front of our jeans at the next show

So, what’s next for Midnight Alibi? Some new music this year which we are currently writing and follow it up with another Tour, so no excuse to not check us out this year.

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