How did The Quick & The Dead come to be? We grew up playing music together and when that progressed to writing and recording demo’s we gave it a name and started playing show’s.

Who makes up The Quick & The Dead and where y’all from? Isaac Goeby is from Wangaratta and my brother (Kai Duursma) and I (Rhys Duursma) grew up in Glenrowan. Now Kai lives in Eldorado and I’ve just moved to Wodonga.

Who plays what?

Isaac – Bass, Bck Vocals

Kai – Guitar, Bck Vocals

Rhys – Vocals, Drums

You’ve recently unleashed some tunes upon the world, how’s it feel to have it out and about? Very exciting. When you put an album out it sonically defines you til the next release and we had a lot of new tunes that we’ve wanted to share for a while now. We’ve obviously developed quite a lot since the last release and we feel that show’s through in the album.

When writing what comes first? The music or the lyrics? It all varies but I would say the 2 most common scenarios are the band jamming over a groove then writing lyrics to fit or me writing lyrics and basic chord structure on an acoustic then taking it to the guys to flesh out.

Where and how did you record? We decided we wanted to record the album completely ourselves so we just asked around till we found someone who had a space we could live in for two weeks. So we recorded in a little farmhouse called ‘The Hilton’ out past Rutherglen. We finished recording the last of the vocals in my bedroom once I got home.


Whats the meaning behind the band name? ‘the Quick & the Dead’ kind of draws from a few different ideas. It’s a bit of a reference to the old Western showdown, if you’re not quick enough on the draw you’re dead, and a bit of a reference to old English. Quick used to mean Alive so particularly old bible verses would talk about God coming back for the Quick and the Dead.

What is the underlining inspiration for your music? Just being fans of music in general we want to make our noise to contribute along with all the bands we love. I think a big part of it is just community. Being a part of the band creating songs and travelling/playing shows together and then just getting to meet random people in different towns that turn into friends. Also, I just need a way to express what I feel, think, believe etc. and music is the most common way that comes out.

How do you get your best ideas for songs? I don’t know, I wish I could figure it out so I knew how to make it happen. Lyrics-wise, I read a lot and I think my mind is attracted to big picture ideas so I guess I collect ideas and interesting phrases from books, movies, podcasts etc. Music-wise, it usually comes from us playing through a lot of terrible ideas till we find something that gets us excited.

Do you ever listen to your own music? Yeah. Not all the time and not really for enjoyment, more analytical and trying to think how we make the next album better. The amount of times I had to listen through while recording cured me of any awkwardness related to listening to my own songs.

What bands (if any) did your members play in before joining The Quick and The Dead? No, we’ve all only ever played in tQ&tD.

What’s your view on Albury / Wodonga’s music scene? We haven’t played a ton in Albury/Wodonga but the shows we have played we really enjoy. We’re also pretty impressed with the calibre of the local bands we’ve seen so far. Looking forward to playing some more shows now that I live here.

What local bands do you enjoy watching live / blasting on your headphones? Lately been playing some duckPuppy, Northern Folk and Idle Fret.

What (other) music do you listen to? There’s a fair bit of variety between us all but here’s a few; The Almost, Tom Petty, White Stripes, Maylene & the Sons of Disaster, Underoath, Thrice, U2, Eric Clapton, Josh Garrels…


What has been the biggest highlight so far for The Quick & The Dead? Driving into Melbourne in our Coaster bus with the steering lock on while it was hotwired because Isaac went home with the keys.

What can punters expect if they were to attend a Quick & The Dead show? Some loud southern rock and a good time. With a little slide, a little blues and some sweaty unfashionable dancing (from you not us)

So, what’s next for The Quick & The Dead? We’re having a bit of a quiet Dec/Jan because of marriages and new babies in the band. But we’ve started what we call the Spare Room Sessions which will be a collection of covers released through YouTube. We’ll be planning some tours for next year and starting to write for the next album as well.

Catch The Quick & The Dead along side POZER as they support Melbourne Blue-Rockers, THE UGLY KINGS – Friday, 28th July – The Boomerang Hotel. 18+ Show, FREE ENTRY. 9PM KICK OFF. For More info click the poster below.

The Ugly Kings_Cover Photo

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