AWmusic Spotlight: D.I.E.F.M


Who makes up DIEFM and where y’all from?  Matt Tooley – Guitars // Daniel (Whitey) Whitehead  – Guitars/vocals // Luke Drage – Bass // Christopher Stroh – Drums // Daniel Caulfield – Vocals

What local bands do you enjoy watching live / blasting on your headphones? Don’t mind us a bit of Chuggwagon, Idle Fret, Visioner, Born of The Stone (Melb) and The Patient (Melb). There are honestly hundreds of local bands that could go on this list there is sooo much talent here locally.

What’s the meaning behind your band name D.I.E.F.M? Well it stands for ‘does it even fucking matter’, its really means don’t worry be happy, we stand for treating everyone with respect.

You’ve recently unleashed some tunes upon the world, how’s it feel to have it out about? We teamed up with the young team at Defani one to release 3 tracks, it’s a great start to get the word out and start showing everyone what we are capable of, the next group of songs are coming along nicely too!


When writing what comes first? The music or the words? The music almost always comes first, and then I match a topic and appropriate lyrics to the melody, I try to feel the music so that it all comes natural.

Where did you record? For our 3 tracks that are up on I tunes at the moment we recorded with our good mate Leon Davey and for our track “A Friend In The Crosshairs” we recorded at with david Wilson in Wagga Wagga.

What is the underlining inspiration for your music? How do you get your best ideas for songs? We are trying to be as honest and open as possible while trying to stay positive with our lyrical content, but if there’s something really getting to us or just me (dan) induvialy I try to elaborate on that emotion or topic and if it works on the spot then I know I’m on a good track, think most of the time my first ideas are often my best.

Do you ever listen to your own music? Hell yes, I think it’s a good thing to do, it can help you become a better musician you can figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

What bands (if any) did your members play in before joining D.I.E.F.M? Good question. Matt was in a band called Orions Fire, Chris was in The Warhorse/Viperlove Luke was in Hollowpoint and Myself And Whitey were in a band called I Am Atlas as well as I have been in quite a few bands A Candela Lie and The king Of England are the most recent.

What (other) music do you listen to? We all have different taste in music Matt is a huge Messuggah and Tool fan, my music taste is pretty diverse I love everything from Ben Harper to Periphery to Deftones and Cog, but I take quite a bit of influence from a band called  “Fair To Midland” if you haven’t heard them go check them out!

How have all your friends and family reacted to your musical career so far? All of our family’s have been quite supportive and we are hugely grateful to have such a great support network.


You recently had your song ‘A Friend In The Crosshairs’ played on Triple J’s Fast.Loud.Fast. How did it feel to have your music played on a high profile radio show?  That was a really surreal experience that we in all honesty never thought would happen, when I got the notification on our Facebook wall I nearly died, we got together with a slab and listened to the show that night up really loud.

What can punters expect if they were to attend a D.I.E.F.M show? Punters can expect a high energy show filled with lots yelling and screaming and some singing followed by beers.

So, what is next for D.I.E.F.M? Next year we will concentrate on recording our first full length Album as well as a film clip or 2. We will also be playing shows locally and interstate and maybe a small tour.

Keep up to date with all things D.I.E.F.M on their Facebook Page OR visit their Triple J Unearthed page where you can download a few tracks. NEXT SHOW: Dimeday 3rd Of December at the Home Hotel, Wagga Wagga.

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