AWmusic Spotlight: Sunset Dreams

How did Sunset Dreams come to be?
 Sunset dreams came to be when I moved to Canberra for a little bit and didn’t really have anyone to play music with, so I just started recording some tracks.

Who makes up Sunset Dreams and where y’all from? We’re three handsome Albury locals, Sam Morell on Drums, Sam Terry on bass and myself, Dominik, on guitar and singing.

You have recently unleashed some tunes upon the world, how’s it feel to have them out and about? Really good! Means I can stop obsessing over them now and start working on some new songs.

When writing what comes first? The music or the lyrics? It’s always the music first, the vocals come in right at the end once everything else is pretty much done really.

Where and how did you record? I record it all in my bedroom just with the instruments and microphones I have lying around.


What is the underlining inspiration for your music? How do you get your best ideas for songs? I wish I knew the answer to that! It really all just comes at completely random times whenever the moment feels right I guess.

 Do you ever listen to your own music? Unfortunately a bit too often cause I’m hyper critical and like changing things in it a lot.

What bands did your members play in before joining Sunset Dreams? Sam the bassist used to play in My Brothers Friends and Sam the drummer and I used to play in a band called Disposition – when I was quite a youngling on the drums and Sammy was singing and playing guitar.


What’s your view on Albury / Wodonga’s music scene?  I think Albury/Wodonga has got a lot of potential to have a great music scene and it really shows with some of the bands coming through.

What local bands do you enjoy watching live / blasting on your headphones? Gotta shoutout to The Bill Cosbys here, also the Spaceboys and Squid Doctors, Adelaide is pretty cool too !

What (other) music do you listen to? 70’s Disco will always be my main groove but I have quite a vast taste which changes very often. At the moment I’ve really been enjoying The Lemon Twigs’ new album and Toro Y Moi’s recent live album.


Earlier this year you scored an Artist Spotlight on Triple J Unearthed, How did that feel? Pretty good I guess, I still don’t really know why our band got it but hey… I’ll take it haha.

What can punters expect if they were to attend a Sunset Dreams show? Plenty of one liners from Sam, a few brief ditties about girls and such, and a lot of awkwardness in between songs from myself.

So, what’s next for Sunset Dreams? I might start working on an album and try and play heaps more shows!

Keep up to date with all things Sunset Dreams on their Facebook Page OR visit their Soundcloud Page to hear more tunes.

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