There is an unbridled enthusiasm that is unique to All-Ages shows. Their rarity brings people in droves, guaranteeing a large, excited crowd. This sort of turnout, though, is a given when the headline act happen to be resplendent local 11-piece, The Northern Folk, launching their LP...

Stumble On Home launched outdoors at St Ives featuring the fresh greenery and colourful bunting that has become synonymous with The Northern Folks shows. Matt Ortiz returned to Albury to open the night ahead of his own EP release on November 27, and was followed by the familiar face of Benny Williams from Mt. Hotham.

PHOTO: Jade Tauber

The LP comprises of 7 tracks, and features spectacular cover art by local artist Alison Percy. It is the continuing connection to Albury, from the bands choice of cover art, through to their commitment to playing local gigs – especially all ages – that brings along a crowd that is in awe of the talents of this multifarious band, but is also proud to be a part of the same community that has brought together these incredible musicians.

The ineffable talent of The Northern Folk was truly showcased on Friday night as the crowd would go from silent, taking in Georgie and Pauls dulcet tones, to singing along at the top of their lungs to songs off the new LP. The crowd already knowing all the lyrics to these songs, memorised from previous gigs, was a true testament to the captivating performances The Northern Folk delight us with.


It only took the crowd seconds into what we now know as ‘In For A Penny’ to begin dancing with each other, jumping around, and into friends, family, parents, and teachers. It is this song that showcases the joy The Northern Folk bring, and their unmatched ability to bring so many people together.

The immediately identifiable voices of Paul and Georgie matched with the band’s own flair makes ‘Superstition’ truly one of their own – and would have you believe it to be, rather than a cover of Stevie Wonder, and it left the crowd buzzing.

PHOTO: Jade Tauber

For their final few songs they became a 12-piece with the return of the young Oscar Dean on the trombone to perform with them ‘The Storm’ and continue on with them until the end of the show. ‘The Storm’ has always been a crowd favourite wherever The Northern Folk have played, and St Ives was no exception to this. Hands shoot up, people jump, lift friends and children up onto their shoulders, and the crowd will sing louder than they have all night. Such a high energy song was a truly fitting close to the show, and as always it felt as if this dalliance were over too soon.

There is a certain amount of serendipity in Alburys stumbling across The Northern Folk, and with this stunning performance, and ecstatic crowd on Friday night, I am grateful that we did.

Keep up to date with all things The Northern Folk at their Facebook Page OR visit their website  // Photos by J.T. Photography

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