AWmusic Spotlight: VISIONER

We caught up with Albury / Wodonga Metal Core band Visioner to talk about their new EP Adversity, supporting Parkway Drive and what the future holds.


Where did the name visioner come from? The name visioner came about from us wanting a band name that describes what we are all about as a group, our music is personal to us, both musically and especially lyrically, everything is driven by our experiences in life so the name “visioner” seemed to fit perfectly as the music is about what we have seen and felt.

You’ve just launched your latest EP, how does it feel to finally have it released? It’s been a long process, we had problems with being let down with recording, and also artwork, but in the end we ended up recording in a studio with Jesse Crofts, and had Colin Marks from rain song design do our album art, they were both very reliable so we are looking forward to working on our next album with them.

Where did the title ‘Adversity’ come from? “Adversity” defined is a word used to describe an unpleasant or difficult situation. This EP we have written dives into my life personally, yet extends out to people that have suffered the same difficult situations in life. Songs such as “Depart” being about someone I have loved and lost, and “Let Me Go” being about one of my closest friends ending his own life, and “Led Astray” being about losing friends to addiction of substance abuse over the years. So adversity has summed up the explanation of what the EP is about.

When writing, what comes first? The music or the lyrics?
Both and also neither come first, I’ve always appreciated writing poetically, so I’m constantly writing and using my words as a tool every day so I have pages and pages of lyrics written without any songs for them to go to. But going into writing this EP I had the 6 subjects I wanted to write about more in depth, and knew exactly what I wanted to use vocally in the music. So once Jayden had written the music, I listened and got a feel for each individual song and then decided what song felt best to suit each individual subject. There was a lot of changing things about but I feel I matched the subjects to the music pretty comfortably in the end.

What is the underlining inspiration for your music? Where do you get your best ideas for songs? Music has always been a tool I have used to get me through difficult situations, I listen to music every single day, it makes me happier when I’m happy, and keeps me level headed when I am not. The inspiration really comes from the beauty of how helpful music can be. The ideas come from personal experience. “Where words fail, music speaks.”

Do you ever listen to your own music? Almost everyday! It’s a good feeling to listen to something you have created and enjoy it.

Photo: Third Eye Visuals

What was it like trying to break into Albury / Wodonga’s music scene when you first started out? What was your first show like?
We came into it pretty good, our friends have always supported our music and have always had common interests in the same music genre so we came in strong, our first ever show in Albury at One nightclub was a blast, one of the most enjoyable shows we played!

Whats your view on Albury / Wodonga’s music scene? Very talented, there are crazy talented musicians in Albury/Wodonga and we are stoked we have them to share the stage with and also call mates!

What local bands do you enjoy watching/ listening to?  The Delusion is personally one of my favirote, DIEFM are killing it and have some awesome tracks, also Atmostfear always put on a killer show!

What other music do you like listening to? We listen to all types of music really, influences from all genres. Except country music..

How have your family and friends reacted to your musical career so far? Very supportive, have been the entire way along!


Earlier this year you supported Parkway Drive when they played in Wodonga . How did that feel? That was the highlight of all our musical careers so far, it was an amazing night and we were absolutely honoured to have the opportunity to share the stage with a band so influential and looked up to by us.

Keeping a band together is not an easy task, what keeps you motivated? Friendship would have a massive role to play in that, we all get along very well, have common interests and the same sense of humour. We began out as seperate individuals, and have gone through a few band members to get the group we have now, but we have really gotten a good group of mates together now that enjoy playing music. It’s quite an easy task moving things forward when your doing it with your mates.

So, what’s next for Visioner? Keep doing what we love doing, playing shows and working on new material!

Go and like Visioner on their Facebook Page to keep up to date with what the lads are doing.

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